Join the first international healthcare competition: GetUpGetBetter™. This competition is about winning – together; it is about raising the standards of healthcare worldwide. By competing with each other in a friendly way, professionals, public and patients will help to improve the quality of healthcare within their organization, region, or country.

Join us now, get better – and have fun along the way.

International Healthcare Competition

The first GetUpGetBetter competition

Hand hygiene: ‘Getting the basics right’

The first competition will be launched at the Change Day conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 12 November 2015. The Rotterdam hospital region group challenge other hospitals to compete against their hand hygiene improvement programme. The aim of the first competition on hand hygiene is to improve the performance by healthcare professionals in participating hospitals in a structural manner. It seems simple to achieve, but according to worldwide results from the World Health Organization there is 60% room for improvement as overall compliance is about 40%!


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Antimicrobial Stewardship
Safeguarding the availability of effective antibiotics

Here’s how it works

Are you interested in improving healthcare? With GetUpGetBetter you integrate a friendly competition with other healthcare organizations into your current activities. The interventions your are working on in daily practice will be part of the competition. To improve healthcare together, GetUpGetBetter follows the core value of the Olympic Games: Taking part is more important than winning!

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    What are you working on to improve healthcare?
    Ask yourself the following questions: What improvement topic are you working on to improve healthcare, what do you want to achieve and what is your approach?
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    Would you like to create a friendly competition?
    GetUpGetBetter is willing to support you in setting up a competition. We can look for other healthcare organizations working on the same topic and create an exchange platform. The jury of experts will follow competition progress and results of interventions.
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    GetUpGetBetter will contact you
    The GetUpGetBetter team will contact you, please provide us with your personal details. We’re eager to hear from you!

Get inspired Get involved Get better

Yes, I like to join the GetUpGetBetter community

In the coming weeks GetUpGetBetter will spread throughout the world. Join now so you will be part of it!

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people are ready to get up and get better

Five themes define the competitions

The themes for the competition are significant and straightforward. By focusing on knowledge, participation, communication, human dignity and skills & tactics, universal core values are brought together. The multitude of competitions in the spirit of GetUpGetBetter help improve the quality of healthcare worldwide.

We believe in GetUpGetBetter

Ian Leistikow

Since 2002 I have developed a great passion for improving patient safety. First in a university hospital, now at a national and international level. I have seen so many inspirational examples of quality improvements, so many dedicated individuals and teams. I wished there was a way to celebrate their achievements and spread their innovations. GetUpGetBetter makes this wish come true.

Ian Leistikow, MD PhD

Senior Inspector Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate
Member Strategic Advisory Board of the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Member WHO Global Expert Group on Leader Guide for Patient Safety

Patrick Kools

I believe healthcare is at the pinnacle of human achievement. It is amazing what we have achieved over the past 100 years. I also believe there are many challenges still ahead, and that we can only tackle those if patients, professionals and citizens like me work together. To me, GetUpGetBetter stands for curiosity, care and cooperation to improve healthcare for all.

Patrick Kools

From a healthcare perspective mostly just another involved citizen, sometimes a patient.
Seeing his father, a surgeon, care for his patients convinced him of the genuine motivation of healthcare professionals.
He has worked in industry for 25 years, helping to improve safety in complex environments.